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It is safe to say that we are haunted by waters. Fortunately, we love what we do, so getting to spend time in some of the most beautiful places in the world is hardly a burden, after all, it's another beautiful day in September, and the fly-fishing on the Housatonic is always good! The HRO is a labor of love, we opened the store because it was a chance get paid to play with all the greatest fishing equipment in the world, so do we fish to live or live to fish? I guess the answer is yes.

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We've fished throughout the states; in Russia, Belize, Andros, the Quintana Roo, you name it, we've lost a fly there. if you want to know more feel free to call or write, and if you are around, stop in, we'll be happy to spend some time with you, share good spots and swap stories, some will even be true.

Make sure you have a CT 2014 fishing license before venturing out, as just about the only thing we do not have is a license machine. You can purchase one online by clicking here. Most CT Town Halls also sell them Mondays thru Fridays.

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Mon 9/1: Localized rain has not affected us today with a flow around 360 cfs.
It will be a hot one but expect trout to become active this evening with some bug activity.
You may see Flying Ants anytime from late morn thru early evening, make sure to have some in your box.
Iso's are hatching read more…

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We have the largest collection of fishing and sporting books in New England - we purchase book collections, used and collectible fishing equipment, offer trade-ins – just call the store for an appointment