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Non-Profit 501(c)3 Open Space Institute No Child Left Inside

having a great time with the kids and the Friends of the Housatonic having a great time with the kids and the Friends of the Housatonic having a great time with the kids and the Friends of the Housatonic I have founded a group, Friends of the Housatonic is fiscally sponsored by the Open Space Institute, Inc., as part of its Citizen Action Program. OSI will enable the project to act in the charitable public benefit manner of a non-profit organization under Section 510(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, and to ensure proper management of the project's activities in furtherance of OSI's charitable and educational goals.

1. Project goals and proposed program strategies:

 A. To expand and enhance the trout fishing opportunities on the Housatonic River and its tributaries for the general public with private stockings and working with the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to implement proactive trout management programs.

 B. Increase awareness of present and future environmental or conservation issues that affect the Housatonic River and its tributaries. We will work closely with local organizations such as the Housatonic Valley Association, Housatonic Fly Fishermen's Association and local Trout Unlimited Clubs.

 C. Support and initiate activities that improve the environment and health of the river.

 D. Support the Connecticut's (DEP) program of "No Child Left Inside." This program allows inner city children to access and experience the outdoors through activities such as fishing, camping and hiking. It is hoped that these activities will foster a greater understanding and appreciation for the outdoors in addition to educating them about conservation and environmental issues. Ten percent of all net proceeds after expenses will be donated to purchase equipment and services for this program. http://www.nochildleftinside.org/
having a great time with the kids and the Friends of the Housatonic having a great time with the kids and the Friends of the Housatonic having a great time with the kids and the Friends of the Housatonic

2010 Activities

On June 4th - We sponsored an trout fishing outing for a group of Second Graders from Paterson #20 Public School - 16 young kids attened the festivities - Look at those smiles - this is what it is all about.  Thanks to Aaron Jasper who made it happen along with the other volunteers.
We also sponsored 2 camping outings with No Child Left Inside - Donating more than $5,000 in camping gear.
In July we sponsored 36 kids from Hartford to flyfishing lessons and fishing on the Housatonic River.  Numerous guides and members of Trout Unlimitied donated their time and we donated a fishing outfit for each child to take home. Lunch was donated by The BBQ Pit in West Cornwall.
In March and September - we stocked over 1500 Trophy Sized Rainbow Trout in the Public Fishing Areas of the Housatonic River.

2.List of individuals who will guide the project and activities:

Harold McMillan - Owner of Housatonic River Outfitters, Fishing Advisory Council for the State of Connecticut, Angler's Club of New York, Tamarack Preserve
Dr. David Dantzker - Former CEO of LIJ and North Shore Hospitals, Managing Director and Partner at Wheatley Partners, New York
Anthony May - Retired Wall Street Executive
Nicholas Daifotis - Managing Director, Royal Bank of Canada
David Weiner - Managing Director, Neuberger Berman, Inc.
Michael Kelly - Retired Wall Street Executive

We raised over $15,000 in 2009 from customers and companies through direct and matching contributions. For the fiscal year 2011 I am hoping to raise even more donations and contributions by expanding our fund raising efforts and allowing that the contributions will be tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law.
We are always looking for volunteers - especially with the programs for kids.
Checks should be made payable to - OSI - Friends of the Housatonic and can be mailed directly to the store - where we will forward them to the Open Space Institute.

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