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TFO BVK Conversion Kit only- turns 8 #3 4pc fly rod rod into 10 #3 5pc


This Conversion Kit will turn your 8 #3 BVK 4pc fly rod into a 10 foot 5pc rod. If you do European/Czech style nymphing, you will find a 10 #3 to be the perfect all-around rod/line weight for this technique. Also makes a great wet fly rod. Powerful butt section with a softer tip, capable of turning over long leaders with weighted flies easily, and comfortably lets you fish tippets down to 6x. Simply remove butt/handle section from your BVK 8 #3 fly rod, and replace it with the two pieces in the Conversion Kit, and voila, you now have a 10 #3 fly rod. A great value- for under $100, its like getting a second rod. This is the Converter Kit ONLY, it DOES NOT include the BVK 8 #3 rod.

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