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eGear Solar Pull LED Rechargeable Flashlight (Silver)


eGear?s new Solar Pull LED flashlight is powered by a built-in solar panel or pull string dynamo generator, so its always ready to use. The built-in high-efficiency lithium battery allows the Solar Pull Light to be charged over and over. Its 3 super-bright LEDs are unbreakable and never need replacing. The dynamo generator is powered by a string pull cord. Just grip the ring with your fingers and pull the string to a length of about 25? and release. Continuously pulling for 1 minute will provide 18 minutes of light. It?s as easy as that! Charging times by the solar panel vary based on proximity to sunlight. Full Sun for 5 hours provides 30 minutes of light. Daylight Indoors for 5 hours provides 15 minutes of light. Interior Light for 5 hours provides 5 minutes of light. The Solar Pull?s compact size fits easily in shirt pocket or purse and is available in Red, Blue or Silver case colors. It weighs only 3.2 ounces.

Eco charge Solar Pull Light - LED - When the lights go out - this light goes on - keep in your car, house, purse, backpack - you name it - This light should be part of every emergency kit - Unbreakable LED bulbs never need replacing Solar Panel - expose solar panel to sunlight or indoor light.

String pull: Switch power off - Grip the ring and pull for 1 minute - creates 18 minutes of light.

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