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Waterworks Lamson ULA Purist Hard Alox Fly Reel


The Waterworks ULA Purist reels are, to our knowledge, the lightest machined reels in the world today. To achieve this weight savings, the ULA uses an arm-style body and open spool design. In order to maintain structural rigidity, each surface of the ULA is curved. This subtly complex shape is extremely demanding to machine, but results in a strong, light and beautiful high-performance reel. The ULA Purist represents the lightest end of the ULA range of reels. The Purist utilizes a click-pawl brake to achieve maximum simplicity and weight savings. This reel is for the fisherman who wants to minimize weight and maximize contact with the fish. The Purist reels are CNC machined from solid aerospace-grade aluminum and titanium in the U.S.


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