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Selectivity Trout - The Theory & Method of Fly Fishing for Fussy Trout by Matt A. Supinski (2 Hour Tutorial Fly Fishing DVD) (2011)


Matt A. Supinski Tutorial Fly Fishing DVD. Play in any regular DVD player worldwide (recommended) or CD-ROM. Run time approx. 120 minutes. "Provides visually instructive shortcuts to an immediate understanding of the game: What. why, when, where, and how one can learn to solve the mysteries of fly fishing's greatest challenge--matching the hatch on America's greatest trout streams" Lots of instruction on three selectivity phases, incredible look at trout feeding behavior on the surface and below the surface how to fish minutiae, tail waters, spring creeks, reading water, selective fly selection , fly tying, fishing wiggle nymphs and sculpins, hatch matching and insect identification, how to get trout out of stubborn passive/dormant phases, terrestrials, midges & scuds SHOT IN THE FOLLOWING LOCATIONS: NY/PA Catskills, Delaware Beaverkill, PA Limestone spring creeks, Michigan Rivers, WI/MN Spring Creeks, Montana Spring Creeks

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