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Davy Wotton's "Midge Magic- Fishing & Tying" 2 DVD set


About the Actor
These are fishing and tying lessons you won t want to miss from one of the worlds top fly fishers. Wotton lives near the White River in Arkansas where he guides over 200 days a season, he is the creator of numerous unique fly patterns, and is exceptional fly fishing instructor.
Product Description
Midge Magic Fishing will help you refine the unique presentation techniques that small flies require. Davy Wotton demonstrates, on a variety of water types, all the skills needed to catch midging trout. He will take you through essential gear, teach you how to assemble your leader and tippets, explain why your approach is critical, detail a variety of useful casts, and explain the critical factors you need to get a good drift. Midge Magic Tying demonstrates how to tie eight small patterns that can easily be adapted to match any midge hatch on your waters. Davy picks his top producers and precisely instructs you on the details he believes are essential for bringing such modest flies to life. Any stage of a midge or tiny aquatic insect s life cycle can be simulated once you learn these ties, and they fish equally well on still or moving waters.

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